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Advice and FAQs

Q How does the Charity Shield policy differ from an ordinary business insurance policy?
A Charity Shield has been designed to meet the insurance needs of charities operating in the UK. It offers a wide range of cover and incorporates a number of features not normally found in a standard business policy, e.g. charity trustee insurance, bequeathed property, death of a patron, authorised volunteers.

Q Do we have to take all of the cover offered by the policy?
A No, the policy is very flexible and allows you to tailor the cover provided to your particular needs.

Q How do we know that we are insuring our property for an adequate amount?
To help you to ensure the adequacy of your buildings sum insured we can, in most instances and at no additional cost, provide advice regarding the sums to be insured for insurance purposes using our team of specially trained surveyors.

Q Having established adequate sums insured, how can we protect them against the effects of inflation?
The policy offers a choice of inflation protection measures. Unless you choose otherwise, inflation protection is provided by linking sums insured to a relevant index.

Q Will we be protected if an authorised volunteer is injured whilst working for the charity?
Under the Employers’ liability cover provided by the Charity Shield policy you will be indemnified against your legal liability to pay damages and legal costs arising out of bodily injury to an employed person, including authorised volunteers, caused during the period of insurance.

Q Is there any cover for loss of funds through fraud under the Charity Shield policy?
Yes, subject to the existence of appropriate controls, cover can be provided for loss money or goods belonging to the charity caused by an act of fraud or dishonesty by any employee or authorised volunteer, including by employees or authorised volunteers acting in collusion.

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Community Shield or Charity Shield, which best suits your needs?

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Take out your contents and or buildings policy with Methodist and we’ll give you back 20% of your first annual premium to donate to the charity or organisation of your choice.

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