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Advice and FAQs

Q Why does a community group need insurance?
The organiser or the organising committee or council may be responsible at law for any injury to persons or damage to property which is caused as a consequence of the group's activities. It is prudent to arrange insurance to cover these liabilities. In addition the group may have valuable equipment or other property which it may wish to insure against loss or damage or subscriptions and other money which it may wish to insure against loss. Community Shield is a policy designed to provide this cover.

Q Do we have to arrange all of the insurance you have described?
No. Basic cover is for public and product liability. Insurance for employers’ liability, loss or damage to equipment or other property and loss of money are optional additions to the basic cover.

Q Does product liability include any food or beverages we may supply?

Q Our group meet on hired premises. Will the policy cover us for any loss or damage we may cause to those premises?
Yes, the Community Shield policy will provide cover for your legal liability for accidental loss or damage to property hired by you at which you are carrying on your activities.

Q What if the group organises outings or activities away from the premises where we normally meet?
The Community Shield policy can be extended, either temporarily or permanently, to cover activities away from your premises. You should tell us about these activities when arranging the policy or before the activities commence, if later, to ensure that cover is in force.

Q Will the policy apply if one member of the group causes injury to another member of the group in the course of our activities?
The public liability section of the Community Shield policy can be extended to include 'member to member' cover, when required.

Q What cover does the policy provide for volunteers?
The public and product liability sections of the policy will provide cover if authorised volunteers cause injury to members of the public or damage to their property whilst carrying out the activities of the group. The organiser/organising committee or council may be legally liable for injury to or illness of authorised volunteers which arises as a result of their participation in the group’s activities, similar to the liability they would have for employees. If the group have any employees or authorised volunteers the Community Shield policy can be extended to provide employers’ liability insurance. Employers’ liability insurance, where it applies, is, of course, required by law.

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