Broadway Hill, Ilminster

The installation of ‘push to open’ automatic double doors has helped transform access at Broadway Hill Methodist Church.

Amount awarded £750.
The church in Somerset applied for a grant towards the cost of installing the glass doors between the reception and the worship area as part of a larger refurbishment project to make the building accessible to all.
Access between the two areas was a big issue explains church steward and secretary Sue Parsons.
“Many of our users have mobility needs and we wanted to offer our facilities to other groups including a local organisation for disabled people and a Parkinson’s support group”.
“We had relatively level flooring, parking immediately outside so people with disabilities or families could park easily, and an indoor ramp between two areas of the church, but the existing double doors made accessibility difficult.”
“We regularly saw the challenges people in wheelchairs, using walkers or sticks or pushchairs, faced getting through them and we had to ask people to park mobility scooters outside the worship area”.
Installing automatic double doors that people can open with a push pad gives people greater independence, dignity and even improves their sense of wellbeing, says Sue.
She adds: “We received a £750 grant towards the doors and it helped make all the difference. The doors are a key part of the fundamental changes we have made to the church. Together, they now offer our users a comprehensive welcome.”
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