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Advice and FAQs

We’re here when you need to make a new claim – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your policy cover

It will help us to deal with your claim promptly if you are able to provide your policy number. It may also assist you if you are able to refer to the policy wording and schedule for an indication of the cover your policy provides. However, we would not wish you to delay notification, if this information or documentation is not easily available.

Claim forms

If you telephone our Claims Team we will advise you whether or not a claim form is necessary. Generally, a form is not required for glass breakages up to £1,000, deterioration of freezer food. Call our Claims Team on 0161 833 9696

Loss adjusters

A loss adjuster is an independent expert appointed by us to act locally, usually when a claim is likely to exceed £3,000 or is complex in nature. If a loss adjuster is appointed, a claim form is not necessary.

They will wish to visit you on site, discuss the circumstances relating to the loss or damage, help you to collect all relevant information and obtain supporting documentation. They will also authorise repairs and assist you with replacement items where appropriate.

Emergency work

Work required to make your premises safe, secure or weatherproof can be carried out immediately. The cost of this should be included in the claim.

Permanent repairs

We prefer two quotations or estimates to be obtained when the repairs are likely to cost more than £1,000. In some circumstances we may not require this - such as widespread storm damage, when specialist work is involved or your local regular contractor will be engaged. You should contact us for approval to proceed in these circumstances.


We will be able to process your claim more quickly if you submit all relevant estimates, quotations, invoices and receipts at the earliest possible opportunity.

Replacement items

In the case of lost, stolen or damaged electrical items, computers, machinery and other similar items, we may be able to replace these through our direct supplier network. Please let us know the make and model number, to assist us in identifying suitable equivalent items.

Notifying the police

You must notify the Police in the event of loss, theft or malicious damage (vandalism) to comply with policy conditions.

You should also contact them if you suffer damage from impact by road vehicles or animals, as we may need assistance from the Police in trying to recover our outlay and your policy excess from the relevant insurers.


Tell us within seven days.

Personal injury claims

Please tell us immediately of any incident that might reasonably be expected to produce a claim for compensation against you. Should you receive any correspondence relating to an accident involving personal injury it must be passed to us immediately. Do not respond to the letter, we will do that for you. Where appropriate we will arrange a local investigation by specialist loss adjusters, with whom you will need to co-operate and who will advise you regarding documentation, which may be required.

Please note that such claims are subject to legislation, which imposes strict time limits for acknowledging correspondence and completing enquiries. It is therefore important you tell us as soon as possible.

Legal expenses claims

The legal expenses cover is provided by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company and you should refer to your policy wording for details of the cover.

To make a claim please ring DAS directly on 0345 601 2791 (UK only) or + 44 (0) 1452 875 985 (outside UK).

Contact us on:

0345 606 1331

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Building works

If you have plans to undertake alterations or extension works to your church, you must ensure that adequate insurance is in place

Church survey

We provide our church customers with access to our unique team of Risk Management Surveyors located all across the country
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