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Make security your priority

Did you know that, every year, up to a quarter of churches in the UK are either vandalised or become a target for theft or arson? While your Methodist Insurance policy will provide monetary compensation, what cannot be replaced are historic items and things which affect your church’s standing in your local community.

The statistics may seem worrying, but there are common sense steps you can take to make security your church’s priority.

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tick boxEnsure there is a regular rota to lock your church after dark
This is the time when most acts of vandalism occur so it’s particularly important to make sure your church is protected

tick boxKeep valuables and money safe by locking them away
Always ensure silver, brass, pewter and money are maintained in a safe or secure place like the vestry or a church officer's home

tick boxPay particular attention to high-value items
A good idea is to chain items to the floor or wall where appropriate and convenient. Another sensible move is to temporarily replace valuable items with cheaper alternatives when services are not taking place, which makes them less attractive to thieves

tick boxMake sure your keys are kept in safe hands
Select an appointed person or keep in a secure place, usually away from the church. Keep an updated list of key holders

tick boxSave all receipts for deposits
Any discrepancies should be investigated at once

tick boxShare responsibility for cash
Always have two people present when money is being counted and appoint different officials for collecting, counting and banking transactions

Top tip

While many churches do their best to remain open and accessible, there may be a period of time during which you take a decision to lock your church. If you do, but want to give visitors access, you might consider asking a local shop or garage to safeguard the keys and take details of those visitors who wish to use them. Make sure details about where to obtain the keys are displayed prominently on your church’s notice board or close to the main door.

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