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Keep yourself safe

By its very nature, being part of the Methodist church community means being accessible to people – some whom you may know well, some you may not know at all. So your personal safety is something the Methodist Insurance team takes very seriously. Being alone in church, or locking up after or service – particularly if it is late at night – or allowing someone into your home exposes you to an degree of risk. In these situations in which you are vulnerable, the key is to take some common sense steps to protect yourself. To ensure your personal safety, Methodist Insurance offers this simple advice about what can be done to minimise risks you face, take a look at our Personal Safety Plan for more information.

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Some top tips

tick box Look out for any potential for someone to be harmed – for example when an individual is left alone in a building, particularly when it is dark

tick box Work out what the risk is – how likely is it that somebody will be hurt, taking into account any measures you already have in place

tick box Have a plan. Before putting yourself in a vulnerable situation such as inviting someone into your home, think about how you could react if assaulted or what you would do to raise the alarm

tick box Always consider potential escape routes so you know in advance how to remove yourself from a situation

tick box If visiting or meeting someone on behalf of the church, make sure others know where you are going and what time to expect you to return

tick box Have a mobile phone on you

tick box Consider whether you should have a personal attack alarm

tick box Remember: it is ok to put your safety and the safety of your family above the needs of others.

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