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  • Preparing for Christmas

Preparing for a merry festive season

It won’t come as a surprise that this month will be one of your church’s busiest times of year with considerably more activity – and larger congregations – than usual. While, of course, we do our best to welcome this increased number of visitors, it is important to make sure that your church remains secure and safe.

The team at Methodist Insurance are keen to help you do this so we have compiled this handy checklist based on our years of experience.

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tick boxUndertake a risk assessment
This is most important thing to do – and something the law courts always want to see evidence of should you have a claim. A thorough risk assessment will assist you in spotting potential hazards so that, as far as possible, you can minimise or eliminate any risk or accident

tick boxCould there be a fire?
At this time of year, lots of lights, decorations and candles are a key feature of the celebrations. It goes without saying that candles and any naked flames pose a specific fire risk and this needs to be considered as part of your risk assessment procedures. We strongly recommend you draft your assessment in writing using Methodist Insurance’s fire risk assessment form . This will make certain you have all necessary procedures in place and should give you some peace of mind

tick boxThe best-laid plans
Pull together a list of all the events due to take place over the festive season. There will be plenty going on so drawing up a list will assist you greatly with your planning of activities over Advent

tick boxPut your procedures in writing
This is crucial and should include a formal evacuation plan as well as other things such as the number of stewards you will need and what duties you expect them to carry out.

tick boxLooking after Christmas decorations
A lovingly-decorated Christmas tree looks beautiful and can form a magnificent centre piece for any festive occasion. If you going to have a tree, though, make sure you site it in a place which gives reasonable access to the tree while ensuring it does not obstruct exits and evacuation routes. Check it is held securely in place so that it cannot toppled over. If it falls on someone, it could cause an injury

Take a moment to review the tree lights you want to use; check they have been tested thoroughly and inspect them visually, looking for bare wires or frayed insulation. Ensure power leads and cables do not pose any trip hazards. For more information on health and safety please refer to our guidance.

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