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How good is your health and safety knowledge

Trustees and ministers have a responsibility to ensure that their churches and other buildings comply with health and safety legislation. But just how much do you know about current health and safety legislation?

Grab a paper and pen and test yourself with the questions below.

1. If one of your employees or volunteers is injured in the course of their duties and is away from work as a result, after how many days’ absence should you notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)?

2. What is the minimum number of fire extinguishers a church should have?

3. How frequently does Methodist Insurance recommend a church’s portable electrical equipment is tested for safety?

4. Is it compulsory for a church to have a lightning conductor fitted?

5. What is a hot work permit?

6. What does legislation say should be placed beneath an external oil tank of capacity of more than 200 litres?

7. How regularly should fire extinguishers be inspected?

8. The HSE says that ladders should be used to work at heights only when the job is of ‘short duration’.  What length of time does the HSE define this to be?

9. Should you have arrangements in place for clearing snow from a path to the church door?

10. What are the minimum first aid provisions for your church?

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