Solar panels – photovoltaic (PV) systems

13 August 2019

While there are many benefits to having solar panels, there are some risks to consider from both an installation and user point of view.

Solar panel

Installing photovoltaic systems can have a number of long term benefits for your Methodist church as well as the environment as a whole. We’re pleased to see a number of Methodist churches are deciding to use solar panels and have produced some guidance to help maintain a safe environment.

Solar panel considerations

  • Poorly designed and installed PV systems can lead to roof leaks
  • High direct current levels in the panels can pose problems with fire-fighting
  • Roof anchors must be strong enough to withstand a fire
  • Cables and power lines to the AC side must be protected
  • Systems installed must not breach fire compartmentation
  • Ensure installed panels do not obstruct or restrict the use of roof windows as a means of escape 
  • PV installations must be separated from any existing lightning protection system
  • Signage should be used to indicate that panels are present on the roof
  • The room where the inverter is located must be kept clear and secure
  • The value of your PV panels should be included as part of your church insurance policy.
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