Church survey and valuation

21 August 2019

At Methodist Insurance we provide our church customers with access to our team of risk management surveyors.

Risk management surveyors

Our risk management surveyors survey churches on a regular basis to make sure that we have an up-to-date valuation for insurance purposes. Our team are also there to provide help and advice to individual churches on any issue relating to the insurance of their church or managing the risks associated with church buildings and use.

Repair and restoration costs

A church survey looks at the cost of repairing and restoring your church rather than the rebuild cost. Your surveyor will review the following:
  • church buildings and dimensions
  • historic features
  • portable items 
  • finishes and embellishments  
  • materials used 
  • provision for the cost of debris removal, contingencies and preliminaries including site administration, scaffolding etc. 

They can also deliver bespoke presentations on fire and security, health and safety, how to carry out risk assessments and how to protect your church from theft of metal.