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Town history exhibition

Leyburn is a beautiful market town in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. One member of the congregation wanted to make sure the history of the town was captured before it vanished forever.

The project involved talking to people across the community to record their memories and find old photographs of Leyburn through the years. Some of the more elderly people were fairly housebound and welcomed the visit and the chance to chat about their memories.

The information and photographs were then all brought together on a number of A2 sheets and exhibited in the Methodist Chapel. Visitors could use post-it notes to add their own comments. The exhibition also included a display showing many of the weddings that had taken place in the churches and chapels of Leyburn.

The whole display will now soon be digitized and housed in the local library, ensuring that the social history of Leyburn and the stories of all the local businesses that worked in the area can live on.

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