Home Insurance for Methodist church officials

31 July 2019

Methodist church officials receive our enhanced home insurance cover at no additional cost.

Sideboard and lamp

Extended home insurance cover free of charge

Our Home Shield policy is extended to provide extra protection for church officials. Unlike most standard home insurance policies, Home Shield provides cover for the work you do on behalf of the church.

Church official home insurance highlights

If you are a church official, all you need to do is insure your home and contents on our Home Shield policy. In addition to our standard home insurance cover, you will receive:

  • Liability cover
    Arising from church meetings or other church events taking place in your home or garden.
  • Personal belongings
    Up to £5,000 for guests who visit your home on church business.
  • Cover for property
    Up to £15,000 for contents and equipment belonging to the church. 
  • Money belonging to the church
    Up to £2,500 belonging to the church whilst in your possession.
  • Church trustee indemnity insurance
    Up to £5,000 for trustees or officers (or a former trustee or officer) of a Methodist church, circuit or district.
  • Home emergency cover
    You also have access to our rapid response team of approved contractors ready to repair damage. Unfortunately home insurance assistance cover is not currently available in the Republic of Ireland. Find out more about home emergency cover.
For full details of the policy cover and exclusions please read your church officials home insurance policy booklet.
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