Valuing your home and contents for insurance

08 November 2023

It is important to make sure your home insurance provides adequate cover for your individual circumstances.

Valuing your home and contents for insurance

We offer automatic cover limits for your home and belongings:

  • House iconup to £750,000 for your home buildings 
  • up to £75,000 for contents in the home.

Checking the value of your home

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) provides information and a quick calculator to help you calculate the rebuilding cost of your home. Make sure your sum insured is adequate – don’t wait until you have to make a claim then find out your cover is insufficient.

Remember to take into account any extensions or improvements.

Tips for calculating the value of your home content

Calculating the value of your household contents is important as it can add up over time. We recommend that you check each year to make sure your sums insured are enough. 

  • Our contents checklist can help you assess the total value of the belongings in your home.
  • Check that the value of individual items do not exceed our single article limit (maximum cost to replace an individual item, this is usually £3,500). If an item exceeds the limit, you will need to let the team know. 
  • Contents in your garage and outbuildings is covered up to a maximum of £5,000 so check this is enough. 
  • Contents in the garden is covered up to £2,500 and this cover excludes pedal cycles and valuables. 
If you would like an alternative sum insured, please contact us on 0345 606 1331 to discuss your requirements.
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