Accidental damage cover

05 July 2022

Accidents can happen at any time, so it’s a good idea to ensure you have the right cover to suit your needs.

An ice cream that has fallen on the floor and melted slightly.

Accidental damage occurs from sudden and unexpected damage by an external force. It is also an optional extra, which means it is entirely your choice whether to include this in your insurance policy.

Buildings insurance

Our buildings insurance automatically protects your home against some unexpected events. For example, some of the common things you’re covered for include:

  • Accidental breakage of Glass, Bathroom & Kitchen fittings (For example, wash basins, sinks and lavatory pans, fixed glass in windows and doors, and fitted ceramic hobs)
  • Accidental damage to services including drains, pipes and cables serving your home. In the first instance, the first £1,000 incurred, in unblocking a sewer pipe is automatically covered by our Home Emergency cover.
By adding accidental damage to the buildings section, you will be covered for events such as breakages or damage to the fabric of your home (such as walls and ceilings) which could range from DIY accidents or one-off damage caused by children.

Contents insurance

Our contents insurance also protects your belongings automatically against certain unexpected events. For example:

  • Accidental loss or damage to electrical equipment to televisions, radios and personal computers. (Please note we do not cover accidental loss or damage to tablets, laptops and other small electronic devices unless you have taken the additional cover for portable items or if you already benefit from accidental damage cover.)
  • Accidental damage caused to mirrors, glass tops, fixed glass in furniture and ceramic hobs or tops forming part of a free-standing unit.
By adding accidental damage to the contents section you will be covered for events such as accidental damage to furniture or dropping an ornament or artwork.
However, some things are not covered by accidental damage. These include:
  • Poor workmanship or design
  • Wear and tear or any gradually operated causes such as age
  • Damage caused by vermin.
Please remember, policies can vary depending on what level of cover you choose and you should always read the detail of any policy to see exactly what is and isn’t included.
Should you have any questions, or if you would like to add accidental damage to your policy, please call us on 0345 777 3322.
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